Dr. Sibi Sasidharan

Specialist Orthodontics


Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from India, 2005 BDS from University of Kerala, India, securing the first rank
MDS in Orthodontics and Dento facial orthopedics from University of Kerala, India in 2009, after topping the PG entrance examination.


  • 17 year’s experience in dentistry of which 12 years as orthodontist and have treated more than 3000 orthodontic patients

Specializations in orthodontics

  • Dr Sibi’s vision of orthodontics goes beyond the confines of smile design to the larger canvas of Holistic face design and he is one of the fewest orthodontist’s in the world who combines various myofunctional, myologic, neuromuscular, facial aesthetic, laser and alternative medicine methodologies with that of the most advanced orthodontic techniques.
  • Insignia: He is the first orthodontist in Bahrain to be certified in the Insignia customized 3D digital Smile design braces: the most advanced, efficient and fastest smile design available in the world at present. He was one among the only two doctor’s in Middle East who were special invitees for the 2018 Insignia global meeting, Amsterdam. He got certified under Dr Tim Bandeen, one of the first and the most experienced user of the system the world.
  • Digital orthodontics: He is a proponent of Digital orthodontics and is the first doctor in Bahrain to offer it in all three modern methods of orthodontics: Labial, lingual and Aligners : the first complete digital orthodontist in Bahrain and one among the first in Asia.
  • Invisible aligners: The clear comfortable alternative to braces. He is certified in all major aligner systems in the world- Invisilign, Spark, smilers, clearpath, Ecligner, TAC etc. Advanced Invisilign user and one of the few doctors in the world who combine IZC and Buccal shelf mini Implants with Invisilign to treat complex cases
  • Certified in various systems of Lingual orthodontics (Invisible Orthodontics): Incognito, Lingual matrix, i lingual 3d
  • From surgical to non-surgical: He has already touched the life of many patients who had severe jaw abnormalities which normally required surgical correction; by treating them non-surgically with the effective use of mini implants (TAD’S) and PSL. He is well versed in the most difficult Infra zygomatic, Buccal shelf, Ramus Implants and palatal implant assisted MARPE, MSE and Benefit systems. He was trained under the inventors and most famous users of the these systems namely : Dr Chris Chang, Dr John Lin, Dr Won Moon, Dr Young Park, and Dr Benedict Wilmes and Dr Kee Joon Lee
  • Damon and self ligation: Most advanced user of self-ligating braces (crystal and metal): the most sought after Damon system and the smartclip and the carriere systems and was trained directly under the inventors. He has attended numerous advanced conferences in this novel technique and was trained under the inventors/first users of the system: Damon under Dr Alan Bagden, Smartclip under Dr Anoop sondhi and Carriere under Dr Luis carriere
  • Myobrace and taming the muscles: He believes healthy smile is inseparable from our breathing, mastication, speech, sleep and diet. Uses unique blend of neuro muscular, myologic, myofunctional and alternative medicine techniques to correct anomalies of facial muscles, tongue, mastication, breathing, and speech. Certified Myobrace user (under inventor Dr Chris Farrell) with treatment options from the age of two
  • He holds the diploma in Laser dentistry from world federation of laser dentistry and beautifies the gum lines of smile using laser therapy
  • He also holds professional diploma in facial aesthetics and is trained in advanced facial aesthetic treatments of lips, chin, cheeks and jaw lines as an adjunct to orthodontic treatment
  • TMJ Specialist: He is one among the few doctors who are also specialized in TMJ treatments and he have evolved a novel treatment protocol of his own combining the philosophies of Roth Williams school, Okeson school, TMJ BDS, Botox therapy and Low dose laser therapy
  • Sleep medicine and beyond: Sleep medicine is one of the hot topics in health now. He combines techniques of alternative medicine and muscle correction with mandibular advancement to better the life of these patients. Altered breathing and orofacial muscle balance leads to various health problems, obesity and even to obstructive sleep apnea.
  • He is also specialized in Cleft lip and palate treatment and surgical orthodontic treatment including the latest, surgery first approach
  • In addition to all the above advanced orthodontic treatment methods he is an expert in conventional orthodontic treatment ( straight wire & beg appliances) using metal and crystal ceramic brackets
  • Specialized in jaw corrections using orthopedic appliances
  • Moreover, he has undergone training in numerous auxiliary treatments and inventions in his specialty time to time and has got the fortune to learn it directly from the masters of orthodontics. Dr Larry Andrews, Dr William Clarke, Dr Ravindra Nanda, Dr Rohith Sachdeva, Dr Bill Dischinger, Dr Sonia Palleck, Dr David González Zamoora, Dr Moe Razvi, Dr Bader Borgan Dr Skander Ellouze and Dr Jyotheendrakumar to name a few
  • An active participant of all major International conferences and forums as guest invitee or delegate